My dog ​​has pimples – Causes and solutions

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It is advisable to check our dog at least once a week for possible problems in his hair or skin, and it is not surprising that on some occasion we find strange pimples.

The pimples can originate from different causes and can have different morphology, from small reddish pimples to pimples with blood or pus. They generally appear on the back of a dog, head, muzzle or belly, although we must check all the areas of their body.

Index of contents

  • 1 Grains in dogs caused by allergies
  • 2 Grains from insect and / or spider bites
  • 3 Pimples with pus on our dog’s body
  • 4 Pimples on my dog’s muzzle
  • 5 Pimples on my dog’s anus
  • 6 Grains produced by plants
  • 7 What do I do if I find pimples on my dog?

Grains in dogs caused by allergies

Food or environmental allergies are one of the main reasons for the appearance of pimples on our dog’s skin. They generally appear on the dog’s belly, back or paws, although can occur throughout the body.

These types of pimples are generally defined as small and in numerous formations, reddened due to scratching by the dog itself as they are usually very annoying.

Sometimes we will find these bloody grains because they produce a high itch that causes the dog scratch over and over, until producing a wound.

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We can also see reddened areas on the skin, the most affected parts being the groin and the belly generally. This type of allergies also cause itchy legs and muzzles, so if our dog usually licks his paws or rubs his muzzle to scratch … it is very likely an allergy.

The more prone races to suffer allergies are the Boxer, the French bulldog and English, the Sharpei, Bichon Maltes, Chinese Crete, the Yorkshire and the Westy.

boxer dog

Grains from insect and / or spider bites

Our dog can be bitten by many mosquitoes and other insects without showing any symptoms, or it can only be bitten by one and trigger a reaction in the form of pimples or lumps.

Some mosquitoes are especially aggressive with their bites although in general, it is the spiders that produce the most reactions of this type. The bite of a spider can make our dog fill with small lumps or pimples.

Dogs with this type of problem generally show pimples around the affected area, which can increase to seem small or medium lumps, which will go away spreading over more areas from her body.

Even the sting of a wasp on our dog It can trigger an entire allergic reaction, the main symptoms of which are usually the appearance of pimples.

Pimples on the body of our dog

The presence of pus is a key indicator that warns us that there is an infection in that area, reason to take urgent measures and prevent the infection to spread.

There are many causes that can cause the pimples on our dog’s skin to become infected, it is even possible that the infection itself is the cause of the appearance of pimples.

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From diseases to poorly healed wounds or nailed spines, it is impossible to determine the reason for the infection without a face-to-face study of the dog and possibly some analysis.

We should never press these grains or extract the pus, as we could further irritate the affected area and worsen the situation.


Pimples on my dog’s muzzle

Generally, grains appear in the dog’s muzzle when the dog suffers from an allergy or intolerance that causes many beaks and the presence of small rounded beads and grouped.

It may be an environmental or food allergy, although it may also be small warts and not pimples. In that case, we would be talking about a virus known as canine papilloma.

Canine papilloma causes wart appearance of different sizes in the muzzle, mouth, lips, eye contour and even in the areas near the genitals.

Pimples on my dog’s anus

It is possible that our dog has an itch in the anus and this manifests itself in the form of inflammation or pimple. Dogs have two glands in the anus that secrete liquid with defecation.

Sometimes these glands in the dog’s anus become blocked and it is necessary empty your glands for its correct operation. Otherwise, they could become inflamed and even become infected, causing a lot of itching and pain to our dog.

The appearance of pimples in a dog’s anus can be an indicative or that something is wrong, so we should not let it pass by waiting for it to solve itself.


Grains produced by plants

When a dog goes for a walk or to play it is completely normal that he ends up rubbing with a multitude of plants, naturally present in parks, gardens, forests …

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Many of these plants can present contact urticaria, that is, you can cause irritations in various parts of our dog’s body with inflammation and itching.

The appearance of pimples in these situations is completely normal, even their worsening as the dog will scratch to relieve burning / irritation.

What do I do if I find pimples on my dog?

It does not matter if the pimples are on your face, snout, belly or back … nor does it matter what suspicions you may have about its origin. It is vitally important that if you find pimples on your dog, you go to a vet.

The vet will examine the dog and if necessary will do some analytics, to determine the real origin and function, prescribe the appropriate medication so that the pimples remit and the dog does not suffer.

Yes, we know that some pages recommend using this or that, some home remedies, etc … But do you know on those pages what is happening to your dog? Imagine that you do not care and the next day is much worse, or even dead. What happens now?

Please, do not play with your dog’s health. Veterinarians are specialists in animal medicine and are the only ones who can detect the origin of the problem and put a solution. Go to your trusted vet and get advice.