Muzzle Guide for Dogs by breed and size Choose the best!

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dog with muzzle

Knowing how to properly choose the type of muzzle we should use with our dog is not recommended, it is an obligation. There are many models of muzzles but not all are suitable for any dog.

If we choose the wrong model for our dog, we will not only endanger the safety of other dogs or people, but we will also be endangering their own health. Since some muzzles don’t even allow the dog to gasp.

From Dogsis we are going to explain which are the most used types of dog muzzle and the most suitable for different breeds and sizes of dog.

Index of contents

  • 1 Muzzles for dogs: The muzzle of fabric or nylon
  • 2 Dog muzzles: The classic basket muzzle
  • 3 Gill dog muzzle
  • 4 Dog Muzzles: The Anti-Pull Muzzle
  • 5 What dogs need to wear a muzzle and when to put it on?
  • 6 How to muzzle a dog?

Muzzles for dogs: The muzzle of fabric or nylon

Although these types of muzzles are very aesthetically attractive, the truth is that they are not the most recommended for our dear furry. If you look closely you will appreciate that they barely leave slack so that the dog can stick out his tongue and gasp, something essential to cool off since, as we all know, dogs do not sweat, but regulate their body temperature by panting.

In addition, the impediment of being able to open their mouth to a minimum to put out their tongue, also prevents them from being able to drink water. As if this were not enough, the area continued with the muzzle will end up causing irritations Let’s not forget that the muzzle is one of the most sensitive parts of the dog.

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Under our criteria and although we admit that they are very beautiful muzzles, we do not recommend or recommend the use of fabric or nylon muzzles ever. Because they are not practical and the damage they can cause to the dog’s health.

Dog muzzles: The classic basket muzzle

Surely you know this type of muzzle for dogs, since it is the oldest and most used. AND it is still the most widely used model precisely because it is useful and very practical, unlike the new fabric models.

The basket muzzle, also known as a muzzle with grids, is characterized by completely covering the dog’s muzzle, allowing the dog to open its mouth inside and stick out its tongue to gasp or drink water.

special muzzle for boxers

It is without a doubt the most recommended muzzle among all existing models, always looking for the right size for our dog. There are muzzles for large dog breeds and muzzles for medium or small dogs, don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong size.

Gill dog muzzle

Among the types of dog basket muzzle, we can find a special series for gill dogs. They are those dogs that genetically have the smallest / flattest snout than usual.

Obviously with a shorter muzzle, a conventional basket muzzle would fit large and could be easily removed, even if it is suitable for its size. That is why gillcephalous dog muzzles were invented, a basket muzzle with a little less length for the muzzle part.

The dog breeds that must wear this specific type of muzzle are:

  • Boxer
  • French bulldog
  • Boston Terrier
  • Carlino
  • Sih Tzu, etc …
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Dog Muzzles: The Anti-Pull Muzzle

Another novelty among the muzzles for dogs is the well-known noose or anti-pull muzzle, which attached to the leash and closes forcing the dog to tilt its head when it pulls.

This type of muzzle does allow the dog to stick out its tongue to gasp or drink water, however it is highly dangerous since closing it by catching the unsuspecting dog will make it bite its tongue on more than one occasion.

dog with bow muzzle

It is a type of muzzle for dogs that is used too frequently to prevent a dog from jerking, however it is not recommended for it since although the dog does not pull the leash during the ride or do it less often, we’re not really teaching you not to, but rather we are punishing him in a way.

There are special harnesses so that dogs with more character and energy do not have as much force when pulling, so we do not recommend this type of muzzle.

What dogs need to wear a muzzle and when to put it on?

Each country has its own laws regarding the use of muzzles in dogs. In Spain and Mexico, all dog breeds classified as PPP (potentially dangerous dogs) must use an approved muzzle as long as they are in public spaces.

Dogs not classified as PPP but who have been reported on occasion for biting or attacking, should also always wear a muzzle when in public spaces. The dog parks known as “pipican” are not private spaces, so these types of dogs must also wear the muzzle inside.

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There is a type of muzzle for Pitbull dogs specially designed based on the measurements of its muzzle and head. Since the Pitbull is a very fashionable breed and is required to wear a muzzle, manufacturers have been quick to develop a custom one. Always being the most recommended, the basket muzzle.

Pitbull with muzzle

Remember that muzzled dogs have a harder time opening their mouths fully, preventing them from panting normally. With this we indicate that you should never practice exercise with a muzzled dog, except for the mesh muzzles that allow you to pant normally.

How to muzzle a dog?

Dogs do not like to wear a muzzle, something completely understandable since it limits their functions and is also annoying for them. That is why it is very important to know how to put the muzzle on a dog, so that it gets used to it and can walk calmly with it.

The best way is start muzzling our dog as a puppy, even indoors. We will do it for short periods of time, first a few minutes and with the passage of weeks and daily practice, more time.

That they try to take it off is completely normal, so we must entertain them with games or anything that diverts their attention. In this way they will gradually get used to the use of a muzzle and when it is really necessary to put it on, there will be no problems.

Small dog muzzles are almost miniscule in size, so make sure that it does not fit excessively tight and allows you to open your mouth a little to stick your tongue out. If
the dog is growing, which they do from birth until they are about a year and a half old, remember to change the muzzle size as needed.