Maggy is looking for a home. Do you want to adopt her?

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This beautiful dog, mix of mastina, has been locked in a kennel for a lifetime. It got there almost 5 years ago !! So there is an urgent need to find him a home.

Weighing about 38 kg, she is actually chubby due to such a sedentary life, so she needs to lose weight.


Nothing is known of Maggy’s past before reaching the kennel. Only she was captured while wandering, by kennel staff.

It is believed to be 6-7 years old based on its characteristics.


She is a calm bitch, sociable with other dogs with whom she has no problems. With people she is very affectionate. Has some anxiety about food, a fixable attitude.


Unfortunately, in the kennel where he is, he does not have a veterinary service. But at first she looks healthy and without apparent health problems, except for being overweight.

You would need a complete veterinary review, external and internal deworming. It would come out with a chip and a passport. She is not used to walking on a leash, well, not even walking, she needs a period of adaptation, and an adopter with a minimum of experience, patience and affection.

She has never been seen sick, and does not need special care in principle.


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