Learn to differentiate a Greyhound from a Hound, easy!

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Greyhounds and hounds are stylized, agile and fast dogs. This makes them excellent companions for adventurous people looking for a dog that runs, jumps, and sniffs to play.

Do you want to know the differences between Galgo and Podenco? There are several types of each breed, but we will focus on distinguishing between the Spanish Greyhound and the Ibizan Hound, since they bear greater similarities to each other. Keep reading!

Index of contents

  • 1 Characteristics of the Spanish Greyhound
  • 2 Characteristics of the Ibizan Hound
  • 3 What are the differences between Galgo and Podenco?

Characteristics of the Spanish Greyhound

The Spanish Greyhound has been known since Ancient Rome, when it was used as a hunting dog. The breed has a slender and tall body, since the males measure between 62 and 70 centimeters at the withers, while the females measure between 60 and 68 centimeters.

The head of the Spanish Greyhound it is long and small; In addition, the breed has a discreet black truffle. The muzzle is long and narrow, while the lips are lean and hide a scissor-shaped bite. On the other hand, the eyes are almond-shaped and dark, a shy and sweet look is observed in them. The ears are triangular in construction and fold to the sides.

The coat of the Spanish Greyhound is very fine and short, although it lengthens a little in the area of ​​the thighs. The coat of the breed appears in multiple color combinations: brindle, black, cinnamon, reddish and gold; all shades are accepted by international canine associations.

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The breed’s personality is withdrawn and shy, although very sweet. This dog is more alive during hunting activities and loves to exercise; For this last reason and his agility to run, he usually participates in sports competitions.

Characteristics of the Ibizan Hound

The Ibizan Hound It is a hunting dog originating from the islands of Mallorca and its surroundings. The breed is noted for its slim and strong body; In addition, males measure from 66 to 72 centimeters at the withers, and their mates between 60 and 67 centimeters.

The Podenco has a long and somewhat squashed head. The truffle, snout and lips of the breed are flesh-colored; under the lips find a scissor bite. The eyes are oblique and amber in color, while the ears are similar to a long rhombus.

The coat of the Podenco Ibicenco can be of three forms: smooth and shiny, hard and rough, long and soft. As for the color, pure white and red tones are accepted, in addition to fawn or a combination of white and red.

The personality of this breed is energetic and independent. The Podenco Ibicenco can be violent with other dogs if it has not been socialized, so it requires training from puppy. With a good education, this breed is affectionate and a lover of outdoor activities. It is recommended for adventurous masters who like walking, jogging and hiking.

What are the differences between Galgo and Podenco?

Both dogs are hunters, slim and slender, have you found the differences between Galgo and Podenco? Do not worry! The details to achieve this are in the list below:

  • The height: the Podenco Ibicenco is taller than the Galgo Español.
  • Body shape: At first glance, it is evident that the body of the Spanish Greyhound is more stylized, from the tail to the head, than that of the Podenco Ibicenco.
  • The shape of the muzzle: the snout is narrow and elongated in both breeds, but in the Podenco it is truncated towards the base, while the Greyhound’s snout looks finer and more stylized.
  • The color of the truffle: the truffle is small in both dog breeds, but it has a black color in the Spanish Greyhound and a flesh color in the Podenco Ibicenco.
  • The shape and color of the lips: the lips are thin and scarce in both races, but they have a black pigmentation in the Greyhound and meat in the Podenco.
  • The color and shape of the eyes: the eyes are almond-shaped and dark in the Spanish Greyhound, accompanied by its sweet gaze; however, the shape of the eyes is oblique and the amber iris in Podenco Ibicenco.
  • The implantation of the ears: the ears are folded halfway in the Galgo, while they remain upright and pointed in the Podenco Ibicenco.
  • Neck shape: the neck is longer and slender in the body of the Spanish Greyhound.
  • The shape of the chest: the thorax is more prominent in the body of the Spanish Greyhound.
  • The belly: the most rare and collected belly in the Spanish Greyhound.
  • The color of the cloak: the coat of the Podenco Ibicenco appears in specific colors, while the Spanish Greyhounds present multiple combinations.
  • The personality: both canine breeds are energetic and affectionate, but the Spanish Greyhound has a tendency towards shyness that does not appear in the Podenco Ibicenco.