Feeding Tips for a Pit Bull

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The American Pitbull terrier breed dogs They are very active and energetic, so we must feed them proportionally and with high-quality products so that they grow. healthy and develop properly.

If you want to save a lot of money on vets, bet on the health of your dog. Food is one of the basic pillars of health, so spend a little of your time learning how to feed it.

Index of contents

  • 1 How to feed an American Pitbull terrier dog?
    • 1.1 Interpreting feed labels
    • 1.2 Recommended protein and fat level
    • 1.3 Feeding for Pitbull puppies and lactating bitches
  • 2 How much food should I give my Pitbull?
    • 2.1 How many times a day does a Pitbull dog eat?
    • 2.2 American Pitbull terrier feeding guidelines
    • 2.3 Zero to fourteen weeks
    • 2.4 Fourteen weeks to four months
    • 2.5 From four months to fourteen months
    • 2.6 From fourteen months to eight years
    • 2.7 From eight years on
  • 3 BARF diet as a Pitbull feeding
    • 3.1 Is the BARF diet really healthy?
    • 3.2 Some of the ingredients of the BARF diet

How to feed an American Pitbull terrier dog?

Starting from the principle that dogs are carnivorous animals, we must find a diet for our dog that contains a large amount of protein of animal origin.

Industrial dog food, known as balanced, dog food, kibble, or just plain dog food, is often of low quality and does not contain the recommended amount of meat for a Pit Bull.

So we must focus on the ingredient label and verify for ourselves that its quality is adequate. Yes, I know … it may seem complicated, but believe us, it is really simple and for that we explain it briefly.

Pit bull dog waiting to eat

Interpreting feed labels

In countries like Spain, companies that manufacture dog food are required by law to put their ingredients in order, from the highest to the lowest percentage in their composition.

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That is why it is really easy to know if a dog food is of quality, because we simply have to look at the ingredient label and verify that the first ingredients are always meat (meat or fish being indifferent).

We should avoid any dog ​​food whose main ingredients are cereals, flours or meat derivatives. We will accept those that start with fresh or dehydrated meat.

Almost all dog food contain cereals, and those that do not contain, use an excess of inhuman legumes in their composition. Remember that the best cereal is plain rice, not brown rice. Avoid products that contain wheat or corn, they are less nutritious cereals for the dog.

Recommended protein and fat level

The levels are always indicative since although the ideal is that hover around 30% protein and 15% fat, the truth is that a little more or a little less does not influence negatively.

What really should worry us is that the proteins in your diet are of high quality and Animal origin, since many dog ​​feeds also add plant-based proteins … much lower in quality.

Excess fats can cause rapid overweight, so it is advisable not to abuse and avoid exceeding 20%. Less active dogs that do not exercise on a daily basis should focus on feed with 15% fat or less.

We must remember that from the age of seven or eight we must begin to consider our older dog, so a senior feed is the most appropriate.

Feeding for Pitbull puppies and lactating bitches

Lactating bitches must eat a very nutritious and high quality diet, in order to generate enough milk to breastfeed all her young without posing a risk to your health.

So high-energy feed is best suited for lactating bitches. The pitbull puppies however they are another world when it comes to eating.

A Pitbull puppy needs to be fed specific for puppies of medium size and that is also of very high quality, as the NFNatcane feed as an example.

American Pitbull terrier with a bowl of food

How much food should I give my Pitbull?

It all depends on your age, weight and health. The companies that manufacture dog food themselves usually put tables on the adequate ration for each type of dog.

We can not tell you that you should use two hundred grams a day, because each dog food is totally different, some are very energetic while others are excessively soft.

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Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of food for your puppy regarding the amounts and also, use your common sense. If your puppy gets fat you should reduce the ration a little daily, while if it seems thin, we must increase it.

How many times a day does a Pitbull dog eat?

Again it depends a lot on their age, puppies usually eat three or four times a day. Dividing the daily amount that corresponds to them between all his shots.

From the age of fifteen months, it is usual to feed a dog three times a day, in the form of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although many people put them only twice for incompatibility with the schedules.

Be it three or two times, the right thing is always divide your daily ration between those shots. If we feed our dog three meals and he starts leaving one, we can automatically lower two.

American pitbull terrier puppy

American Pitbull terrier feeding guidelines

To avoid confusion we have preferred to make a simple guide with the recommended dietary guidelines for each stage of your life. So that depending on your age, we can know that it corresponds to eat.

Zero to fourteen weeks

During this initial stage the puppy must feed on the mother’s milk from his mother, if this is not possible, our vet will give us special milk for dogs. So that we can bottle feeding.

Dogs cannot d
rink cow’s milk like humans, especially puppies, because lactose causes intestinal disturbances and stimulates the proliferation of intestinal parasites.

Fourteen weeks to four months

We will begin to add to their maternal feeding a little special feed for puppies, as it is still too young to chew the industrialized food, generally very dry, it is recommended to moisten it a little with lukewarm water.

With the passing of the weeks we will gradually stop giving him moistened food, until he only eats dog food,

From four months to fourteen months

We must continue feeding our Pitbull puppy with a specific feed for puppies of medium or large breeds.

The feed must be very high quality Because your body is in full development, investing in quality is synonymous with investing in health, which will save us in veterinary consultations.

From fourteen months to eight years

We should look for a high quality adult dog food, leaving behind the puppy food. The ideal is to find a feed that you like and also contains top quality ingredients such as fresh or dehydrated meat.

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If our dog accompanies us to exercise, something highly recommended, it is advisable to meditate on the option of feed it with a specific feed high energy.

From eight years on

We must consider that our dog is no longer young but old and consequently, look for a feed for senior dogs. They are generally softer and more moderate in calories to avoid being overweight.

Because when you are old, you should not exercise as much as when you are young. Therefore, their energy demands will be lower, needing fewer calories a day. If our dog has damaged teeth, it is recommended to use a I think soft or wet food.

american pitbull terrier eating a raw bone

BARF diet as a Pitbull feeding

There is no higher quality product than fresh produce, so the BARF supply Consisting of fresh products for dogs, it is without a doubt the healthiest and recommended.

There are thousands of opinions on whether it is recommended or not feed a dog raw meat, fresh. And the answer is yes, the dog will be fed quality products that contain all its nutritional properties intact.

Is the BARF diet really healthy?

It is so healthy that the dogs fed the BARF diet have brighter hair, their feces are much smaller and they do not smell as much. They also have less flatulence (farts) and generally drink less water, since in comparison, industrial food is excessively dry and it causes a lot of thirst.

The health of a dog fed the BARF diet is stronger than that of a dog fed the same food, but industrially processed and provided in the form of completely dry dog ​​kibbles.

Some of the ingredients of the BARF diet

It should not scare us to think of raw meat or organs such as heart or livers of an animal, since they are fresh products with a high biological value at the nutritional level.

The milky bones such as chicken carcasses are often included in the recipes of the BARF diet, which despite being called “diet”, diet has nothing since it is not intended to lose weight.

We invite you to look for more information on the web about the BARF diet for dogs, since there are very complete guides that explain how get started step by step. BARF food is cheaper and much healthier than industrialized dog food.