Do I have a dog or a dog?

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There are many of us who madly love our furry four-legged companions. So much is the love that we can feel towards them that under no circumstances can they be considered as pets, but they are considered as an integral part of the family.

Perrhijo is a word that comes from the mix of dog + son, a loving way of indicating that our little one is not just any dog, he is not a pet, nor is he a bag of fur. It is simply like a child, for whom we care how we would do it with any of our children.


How do I know if I have a dog?

It is very simple, just read the following statements and questions. If you feel identified with at least seven of them then you don’t have a dog, you have a dog !! 🙂

  • When you get sick you worry so much that you go to the vet to be examined and you even look for information on the internet to know more details about what happens to him.
  • The first thing you do Seeing him every day is to greet him and say good morning, along with pampering and caresses.
  • Sleep with you or near your bed, because you like to feel it close. If he sleeps apart, you say goodbye to him before sleeping so he can rest well with pampering and caresses.

sleeping dog

  • You worry for his food and you make sure he is always well fed.
  • You talk to him and sometimes you even respond with another voice as if he answered you.
  • If you have a bad day and he comes to greet you, something in your heart lights up and everything improves.
  • When another dog growls at him or barks you worry a lot about being bitten, filled to put you in the middle if necessary.
  • When cooking you always give him a prize because you know he loves it.
  • ¿During your education you focus on using positive reinforcement techniques ?
  • When you hug him you are able to notice your most sensitive side and understand all the love you feel towards it.
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Do you feel identified with at least seven of these statements? So congratulations !! You have a dog !!

hugging my dog

Is it good or bad to have a dog?

Having a dog is very good, tremendously good because it makes us more human and understands that all animals, in this case dogs, can be as loved as any other member of the family. So they stop being pets and become part of the family, dogs.

But let’s not confuse loving our dog and enjoying his company, with educating him badly. Humanized dogs have the most behavioral problems, simply because they are treated improperly, causing them to adopt wrong behaviors for their education.

Educate a dog correctly it is totally compatible with loving, respecting and feeling like a dog. A good basic education is more than enough for everyone to live together as a family.

In short, having a dog is having a treasure. But an adequate education and not excessively humanizing our dog is highly recommended.