Chongqing Dog – Characteristics of the legendary Chinese breed

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chongqing puppy

The Chongqing is a dog from Asia with a physical appearance that reminds us of the Bulldog. Although it was used for centuries as a hunting dog, today it is more popular as a guardian or companion dog.

Loving and loyal to his family, he can be somewhat stubborn and even aggressive towards strangers due to his territorial character. Do you want to know more about this amazing breed?

Index of contents

  • 1 Chongqing Dog Breed History
  • 2 Chongqing behavior and character
  • 3 How is a Chongqing physically?
    • 3.1 The hair and its care
  • 4 How to Educate a Chongqing Dog
  • 5 How is the health of a Chongqing dog?
    • 5.1 Recommended care

Chongqing Dog Breed History

It is native to the Chongqing and Sichuan regions, in the interior of China, although within the same country it is known by many and varied names, such as Hechuan, Chuandong or Linshui.

The origin of Chongqing remains a mystery to this day, although it is known to be one of the oldest races in China. Its presence dates back to the time of the Han Dynasty, some two thousand years ago.

During the second half of the 20th century, it was persecuted by the authorities of Communist China, which almost led the race to its extinction. Even today, when it is already safe from this danger, it is still a relatively rare breed with few specimens.

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Chongqing dogs

Chongqing behavior and character

It is difficult to make many generalizations about the Chongqing temperament as this breed seems to display drastically different temperaments depending on whether it is used as a hunting dog or as a companion dog.

In any case, we can affirm that it is a loyal and obedient dog that always establishes a very close emotional bond with its family. Instead, due to its protective and territorial nature, Chonqing is very suspicious of strangers, making it a good watchdog.

Chongqing’s hunting instinct is still very strong, so he can hardly control his impulses to chase anything he considers prey, including birds, as they are magnificent jumpers.

How is a Chongqing physically?

There are three types of Chongqing according to their size:

  • Small: height at the withers of 30-35 cm and 7 kg of weight
  • Medium: height 30-45cm and about 15-20kg
  • Large: more than 40 cm in height at the withers and a weight that exceeds 25 kg

The three varieties have an aspect that makes them unmistakable: a compact and strong body, with developed muscles and endowed with a fine sense of smell. A very peculiar feature is the so-called “bamboo tail”, always straight and very thick.

The square-looking head is quite large compared to the rest of the body. The muzzle is short, but very wide and deep, while the mouth and tongue are dark blue, almost black. Chongqing’s face is covered in folds and wrinkles, just like Bulldog’s.

The hair and its care

Chongqing’s coat of hair is unique within the canine world, only comparable to that of the Chinese Shar Pei breed.

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This coat is very short, smooth, shiny and rough to the touch. In the ears and tail the hair is scarce, even sometimes non-existent, exposing the dark skin typical of this breed. The back of the body is generally less hairy than the front. He is always dark brown or reddish in color.

chongqing puppy

How to Educate a Chongqing Dog

There are conflicting opinions regarding the training capacity of this breed of dog. Some experts believe that they are capable of learning more things than other Asian races, although others point out the great difficulty of educating a Chongqing.

What everyone agrees on is highlighting the intelligence and adaptability of the Chongqing, traits that go hand in hand with a dominant character and a certain stubbornness. For this reason, it is necessary to establish our hierarchical position before starting any training method.

Proper training and proper socialization are the best weapons to make our furry companion a calm and balanced dog and prevent it from developing aggressive problems.

That is why there is a lot of insistence on starting since Chongqing is a puppy, since puppies are easier to manipulate and therefore, we can begin to educate them with simple routines that we will intensify as they grow.

How is the health of a Chongqing dog?

There are no known genetic defects in this breed, so it can be said that Chongqing is a dog that is in very good health and can live up to 17-18 years.

However, due to the shape of its muzzle, this dog can be very sensitive to heat, failing to breathe in enough air to cool down.

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Therefore, it is advisable to limit your exercise time and sun exposure on hot days, as well as ensuring that you have enough water at your fingertips.

For the rest, it will be enough to give him the recommended vaccines and undergo routine veterinary check-ups to keep him healthy and strong.

Recommended care

On the other hand, its scant coat of hair does not provide adequate protection against the cold. So, when temperatures are very low, it is important to be able to have Chongqing at home or in a sheltered space.

It is important to clean the Chongqing facial folds every day to prevent traces of food or water from getting caught in them, which can cause irritations and infections.

Chinese Chongqing is an active dog that needs a moderate dose of daily exercise. Between 30 and 45 minutes of vigorous exercise is enough to channel your excess energy. It is a good companion for jogging, biking or hiking in the mountains provided it is not a very hot day.

A well-fenced garden or patio at home is necessary for Chongqing to feel comfortable. It should not be forgotten that, due to their athletic physique and great jumping ability, they are able to escape easily if we do not take the proper precautions.