Caucasian Shepherd – Features, Videos and Many Photos!

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Caucasian Shepherd Dog

If you like large dogs then you will adore this giant among giants, the Caucasian Shepherd, a breed whose size imposes even the most accustomed to large breed dogs.

However, everything that is great is also good, although only with its owner and family, since it is very suspicious of strangers. Something that makes him a great watchdog, capable of intimidating with a simple growl.

If you want to know all the details about this peculiar breed, from Dogsis we will show you all its secrets and the best tips to take care of it and educate it properly.

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Index of contents

  • 1 What is the character of a Caucasian Shepherd?
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd
  • 3 How to Educate a Caucasian Sheepdog
  • 4 Care needed for a Caucasian Shepherd
      • 4.0.1 What is the best diet for this breed?
  • 5 Origins of the breed
  • 6 Photos of the Caucasian Shepherd dog breed

What is the character of a Caucasian Shepherd?

Despite his large size and how intimidating he can be with a simple glance, the Caucasian shepherd has a friendly and loyal character with his owner and family. It is a calm, faithful and balanced breed that has great intelligence.

However, it is not a trusting breed of dog, so it can be aggressive towards strangers. Due to its origins as a sheepdog, it will be an excellent watchdog taking care of its family but very suspicious of strangers.

Sometimes you can be somewhat independent, making your own decisions if you appreciate a dangerous situation or believe that your family may be in danger. Something that can be very dangerous due to its large size and the enormous strength of its bite.

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That is why it is essential to train him as a puppy, to strengthen his obedience and avoid unnecessary scares when there is no real situation of danger, since although he will respect his family, strangers can leave very ill due to their attack force.

Caucasian Shepherd

Physical characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd

Arguably one of the largest dog breeds on the planet, the Caucasian Shepherd reaches seventy centimeters tall at the withers as adults, weighing up to sixty kilos, somewhat less female.

It has a strong and wide body, muscular and robust, well proportioned with its wide and strong legs. Its tail is strong and large, very thick with hair.

The Caucasian dog’s head is broad with a medium-sized wide muzzle that carries powerful jaws. Its ears are medium in size and always drooping, with high insertion in the skull.

One of the main characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd is its large coat of hair, smooth, abundant with a strong texture and somewhat rough. The color of their hair can be white, brown, straw or black, the most common being straw with black tones on the muzzle.

Although you can present a short hair type, medium or long, the usual thing is that your coat of hair shows all the measures, with a short protective layer, an average on most of the body and a long one on the chest and neck.

It is a very strong and resistant breed, very muscular under that great coat of hair. It adapts perfectly to cold climates and withstands low temperatures without problem.

How to Educate a Caucasian Sheepdog

Due to its large size, its enormous strength when it is attacking and its suspicious character with strangers, it is mandatory to train the Caucasian Shepherd since he is a puppy.

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The most important orders that we must teach him are to go to the call, to sit down and to “stay”. Since with these three orders we can control it in an emergency.

As this is a very territorial dog, you may try to attack other dogs or people during the walk, if you think they are invading your territory. Imagine for a moment a sixty-pound dog with all-wheel drive pulling you with all his might … Believe us, you can’t hold him.

So you must apply a very strict education since he is a puppy, and constantly practice it so that he obeys in any situation, even if it is caused by other dogs.

Given its size and potential danger in case of not being well educated, we strongly recommend that you go to a dog trainer to advise you personally with their education.

Socializing him as a puppy is also a very important point, since he can easily acquire a dominant character when he grows up, getting him together with other dogs and people from puppy to get used to them is a great idea.

Caucasian dog breed

Care needed for a Caucasian Shepherd

The giant Caucasian dogs need great care due to their characteristics. It is not a recommended breed of dog for anyone, nor for any environment.

  • The Caucasian Shepherd not a flat dog It requires a large area where you can feel free and be able to run and play at your leisure.
  • It requires long daily walks to eliminate excess energy and stay balanced psychically and physically.
  • The weight of the Caucasian Shepherd can even reach sixty kilos, which requires a great economic investment in your diet.
  • Due to its large coat of hair, it will be necessary brush him practically daily to remove dead hair, knots and keep it clean.

At the health level it will not present problems as long as we respect the vaccination schedule to keep it protected against the main canine diseases.

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About its owner, it must be a strong and firm person, decisive and with a lot of experience in the dog education sector to be able to dominate it. It is not a dangerous breed, but it can be easily if it falls into the wrong hands or inexperienced hands.

What is the best diet for this breed?

Puppies of the Caucasian Shepherd must be fed with a specific feed for puppies of large breeds, since otherwise they could choke on the improper size of kibbles intended for other sizes.

Puppies grow very fast, so their diet must be of high quality, to cover all their nutritional needs. Never skimp on the quality of your diet.

Adults require balanced feed for large breeds, free of excess fat but rich in high-quality animal protein, with the use of natural BARF dog food being preferred.

Origins of the breed

The Caucasian Shepherd, also known as the Caucasus Mastiff or Russian Caucasus, originates from the well-known Tibetan Mastiff. For years, the best specimens for breeding and reproduction were selected until they found a strong and powerful specimen.

It ha
s always been used as a sheepdog in the Caucasian mountains (hence its name), guarding livestock against thieves and animals such as wolves or even bears. Although due to its size and ferocity, it also began to be used as a watchdog, watchdog.

Today it has also adapted as a companion and guard dog, although it requires a good education due to its suspicious nature.

Photos of the Caucasian Shepherd dog breed

Surprise yourself with these images of the Caucasian Shepherd breed since even the puppies are very large. And although they look like great stuffed animals, they already have great strength and vitality.

Caucasian Shepherd Puppies

Caucasian dog jumping

cacucasico shepherd in the garden