Cardigan Welsh Corgi – Complete Breed Guide

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corgi wales

Originally bred for the care and vigilance of cows, sheep and horses, the Welsh Corgi, also known as Pembroke Welsh Corgi Or simply Pembroke, is today an excellent companion dog, activor and smart.

The Corgi is feasy to train and always has want to please and to learn new things thanks to his good character. Original from Great Britain, it has spread throughout the planet for its qualities.

Index of contents

  • 1 Welsh Corgi dog behavior
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the breed
      • 2.0.1 Differences between Pembroke and Cardigan
  • 3 How to care for your hair
  • 4 Welsh Corgi education and training
  • 5 Recommended care
  • 6 Breed history

Behavior Of the dog Welsh Corgi

Even if today the Pembroke still is employed like a working dog, the truth is over time has become a family dog, famous for his happy and loving temperament, as well as for his sharp intelligence. His personality reflects independentgum and a high degree of self-confidence, so much so that sometimes it ends up opposing its owner by arriving stubbornly.

The Welsh Corgi is also a good guard dogán. He is very suspicious of strangers and will not hesitate to bark to alert us to the presence of strangers or to anything he understands as a potential threat to your home and family.

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Being a very sociable dog, he loves to always be in the company of people and he feels very anxious when he is left locked up at home or alone for too long.

corgi wales

Physical characteristics of the breed

The Pembroke is a small breed dog, but strong and robust. Males reach a height at the withers of 35-40 cm, slightly lower in females. The weight in adulthood is around 10-12 kg.

The Welsh Corgi head is triangular, with dark oval eyes and ears always raised.

Diferencias between the Pembroke and the Cardigan

Originally existed two recognized varieties of the Welsh Corgi, calls Pembroke and Cardigan, which are currently considered different races. The similarities physical between one and another they are big and both possess lthe same skills typical good sheepdog. But actually exist some differences notable.

The elements that help us differentiate them there are two: on the one hand The tail, much longer in the case of the Cardigan, and on the other the curious and unmistakable physiognomy from the Pembroke, slightly reminiscent of the fox.

How to care for your hair

The hair is long and straight, with double layer and two annual molts. Se can be presented in four colors: red, sand, black and tricolor (red, black and white). Often presents also white marks on the extremities, the chest, neck, muzzle and belly.

East coat, very resistant to changes in temperature, should be brushed frequently, andn especially when you are shedding your hair. It is not advisable to bathe him excessively, only if the dog has become very dirty.

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In some specimens the back hair is longer than in the rest of the body and with a different orientation. This trade mark, known as Fairy Saddle (“Saddle for fairies”) owes its name to an old woman legend Welsh according to which the forest fairies rode on the back of these dogs as if they were horses.

Education and training of Welsh Corgi

ANDn general lines the Welsh Corgi can be considered a dog easy to train but in no case should we expect him to be docile and submissive. Despite his willingness to obey and please, the Pembroke you like to think for himself and make your own decisions.

As a good glutton he is, food is a good element to st
imulate you when training. However, it is not convenient to abuse this resource because this dog loves to eat and has a certain propensity to obesity.

Recommended care

Athletic and surprisingly fast, the welsh corgi was raised for the tasks of a sheepdog, so you need to do lots of exercise every day. Still, you have no problem adjusting to life in a flat or apartment as long as we take care of meeting your exercise and activity needs.

In addition to exercise, you must monitor the tofeeding of our Corgi, since it isThe race tends to obesity. It is a voracious dog that loves to eat and never feels satiated. Being overweight can cause various long-term health problems.

The life expectancy of the Welsh Corgi is between 12 and 14 years.

Hrace history

According to old Welsh legends, the Corgi was the guard dog that guarded the entrance to the lairs where fairies and forest elves lived. Logically the reality is different: from its origins it was used as a faithful, hard-working sheepdog.

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Although there is no strong evidence, this breed is believed to be derived from Scandinavian sheepdogs brought to Welsh lands by the Vikings. Already in the 20th century, the Pembroke gained great popularity in the United Kingdom by becoming the favorite dog of the British monarchy.