9 games to play with your dog at home

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On many occasions we cannot leave the house as much as we would like to be able to walk and play with our puppy. So we must come up with some fun games to have a good time with our dog at home.

It does not matter if it is raining, the weather is bad, we are sick or we are simply confined by an alarm state … At home we can play with our dog and have super fun times. Do you want some ideas? Let’s go there.

Index of contents

  • 1 Why play at home?
  • 2 Hide and Seek, a super fun game
  • 3 Play fetch
  • 4 Find the toy
  • 5 Tug of war
  • 6 The Kong
  • 7 The power of the boxes
  • 8 Where’s the candy?
  • 9 Obstacle course
  • 10 Throw the ball

Why play at home?

Stress is one of the main causes of health problems in dogs, in addition to being the hammer for misbehavior. A bored or stressed dog is a dog with low defenses and will surely end up misbehaving (break or bite things at home).

So when we can’t take him out for a walk to let him run and play, thus wasting his excess energy, we must try to entertain him at home for a long time. In this way, we will prevent you from being bored or suffering canine stress. Let’s see some examples of super fun games that we can do at home with our best friend.

Hide and Seek, a super fun game

Have you never played hide and seek with your dog? It is super fun and will make you exercise and activate all your senses. We can play at home without any danger as many times as we want.

  • Open all the doors of the house (except the one on the street, obviously).
  • Instruct your dog to sit up and remain seated (if you can’t, ask a relative to hold him for a moment).
  • Hide somewhere in the house, where I can find you but not with the naked eye.
  • Call your dog to come looking for you and remain silent while looking for you.
  • When he finds you, congratulate him and pamper him.
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If for some reason it does not find you, you can make small noises from time to time, to give you a clue of where you are hidden.


Play fetch

We all know that dogs love food, so with this game, in addition to giving you a super delicious prize, We will make you strive by activating your sense of smell to the maximum. It is somewhat similar to hiding, but hiding food.

  • Grab a sausage or a treat for your dog
  • Hide it in a place in the room where he has access, let him see it
  • Give him the order to search and let him find the prize and eat it. Congratulate him when he does.
  • Now do the same but in another room where he cannot see where you are hiding the food (you can rub the food on the floor, to the hiding place, so that your dog can use his sense of smell and follow the trail).
  • When your dog is an expert at locating food, you can hide it in other rooms of the house.

You will see how your dog goes crazy playing this fun game, because the reward … is food!

Find the toy

All dogs have a favorite toy, so we just have to pick it up and play with it a good time for you to have fun and exercise. It is very simple, we just have to throw your toy over and over again so that you can go find it and bring it to us.

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In addition, we can change the place where we throw the toy, so that you do not get used to always picking it up in the same place. This game is very simple but tremendously effective.


Tug of war

We can also play tug-of-war with our dog, a game where we will make him rage a little to entertain himself. We can use a dog rope or if we don’t have, we can take an old shirt and tie many knots (You will see how he loves to bite her).

We will let our dog chew on a part of the rope and shirt, while we pull the other end (gently) to make him rage a little. He will have a great time trying to snatch our rope or shirt.

But, when the game is over, keep an eye on him because he will possibly try to break and fray the rope or shirt and we cannot allow him to swallow the pieces (it could be dangerous for him).

The Kong

Never underestimate the power of the powerful Kong, a practically indestructible toy that will serve to entertain our dog for a long time, while he enjoys a delicious meal.

The King is a toy with a hole in the middle, where we can put some jam or pate, anything you love. Our dog will spend hours trying to get his food, while he licks what comes out.

The power of the boxes

The cardboard boxes are an excellent toy too, we can put a dog treat inside so that your dog walks in by himself and discovers how cool they are as a den.

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We can also play break it, letting our dog have a blast while biting the cardboard over and over again (watch that no piece is swallowed).

And last but not least, if the box is large, we can also hide ourselves inside to play with it (hide and seek for example).

playing-where-the-chuche is

Where’s the candy?

Surely you have ever played the game about someone hiding something in his hand, closing it, showing you both closed hands and you have to guess in which hand he has hidden it. Well, with our dog it is the same, putting a dog treat inside our hand.

With this fun game we will greatly stimulate your sense of smell and also, you will have a blast eating your prizes.

Obstacle course

Have you ever seen a field of agility training? I encourage you to look at one and see how much fun it can be to assemble your own at home. We can use everyday things like chairs, tables, cushions …

Once assembled, simply we must teach our dog to do the circuit little by little By practicing, you will become agile and end up having a great time doing all the obstacles. Remember to give rewards when you do well.

Throw the ball

Who said that the ball game is only for outdoors? Dogs love to go get the ball, watch it bounce around every corner of the house until they catch it.

The best balls are those made of hard rubber that cannot be frayed (tennis balls are not highly recommended). In addition, the rubber ones bounce much more, being much more fun.

Enjoy a good time of ball with your dog, throw the ball all over th
e house to have fun catching it.