My dog ​​has green bugs. Is he sick?

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As with humans, dogs also produce blemishes in their eyes. Sometimes they are whitish or almost transparent, and sometimes they have legumes that are intense or soft green, even yellowish.

The truth is that the color of the legañas tells us if our dog is sick, since infections that affect the eyes end up producing secretions that end in the form of legaña. Let’s see more in detail.

Index of contents

  • 1 My dog ​​has baddies: Eye ulcer
  • 2 My dog ​​has legacies: Bacterial infection
  • 3 Green or yellow legañas What does its color mean?

My dog ​​has baddies: Eye ulcer

We all know what dogs are like, always sniffing this and that, sticking their snouts between bushes and plants, running between fields of grass… .. Situations in which unconsciously can damage the cornea of ​​your eyes, with the simple rubbing of a leaf, branch or stem.

Even when they play they are a bit rough at times, even more so when they play with other dogs to chase and bite each other without evil. All these situations can occasions that inadvertently another puppy gives his dog’s paw in the eye and creates a small cut.

Small cuts or ulcers in a dog’s eye are not visible to the human eye, it is necessary for a veterinaryn to apply contrast dye and examine the dog under a microscope under a black light.

These small ulcers can become infected by the presence of bacteria and produce a conjunctivitis in the dog, whose symptoms are tearing and the presence of legañas of green or yellow color.

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A treatment consisting of two medications is usually necessary, an ointment to repair corneal ulcers or cuts and an eye drop to remit the infection that causes conjunctivitis. Only a veterinaryn can prescribe these medications, since there are many different types of infections.


Green or yellow legañas What does its color mean?

The legaña is formed by the tearing of the eye, when the dog is awake his eye will cry but when he is asleep his eye will expel that excess of tearing towards the outside, where it will gradually dry up and catch the slimy or dry form of legaña.

Therefore, depending on the color of the tearing of the eye we can know if it is normal or not. Excessive tearing is never normal, but if it forms green or yellowish blemishes, we should go to a veterinaryn since it can be an infection.

Eye infections are not to be taken as a joke, there are no miracle home remedies or tricks. It is necessary to use adequate medication or our dog could even become blind.