Is it better if the dog is indoors or outdoors?

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When choosing the best for our furry, it is normal to ask ourselves: what is better, that the dog is inside or outside the home? This decision will mark his life and character, so it is something that you should meditate on, weighing all the pros and cons.

Is it preferable to give him the security of the home or will he feel more comfortable with the freedom that the patio gives him? If you are in this impasse, there are several things you should know.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Do dogs like to live away from home?
    • 1.1 What you should know if you want to have a watchdog
  • 2 Are dogs happier indoors?
    • 2.1 Benefits for your health

Do dogs like to live away from home?

The dogs are happy when they have room to run at ease. They love to take walks in the field and run after a ball in the yard. But while they enjoy this freedom, they are also social beings. Since they are used to living in a herd, if they spend many hours unaccompanied they will feel lonely and marginalized.

Loneliness affects their behavior and they can have separation anxiety, showing nervousness and destructive behaviors. They can also become very territorial, considering the yard of your property.

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It is important that we avoid this type of attitude, so that the dog is not disobedient or dangerous. Maintaining a close relationship and a strong bond will help avoid these problems.

Also, don’t forget that the dogs are very impulsive and can try to escape if they have the chance. Therefore, they could get lost or destroy a neighbor if they live abroad. And no, the solution is not to keep them tied up. If we want our furry, we must worry that they are happy.

What you should know if you want to have a watchdog

In the past, it was common for rural dogs not to stay indoors. Behind this decision was a very clear reason: its role was to protect livestock. Today our lifestyle has changed a lot and one of the main reasons that lead us to make this decision is that they act as guard dogs.

Breeds like him German shepherd, the doberman or the Belgian Shepherd they usually have this allocation, although they are some of the dogs that suffer the most when isolated. These types of dogs need constant physical and social stimulation. Otherwise, they can develop certain behavioral problems.

At this point it is important that you seriously ask yourself: is it reasonable to have a dog just to be your guard dog? Most likely, you will end up tied up, nervous, and depressed. To avoid reaching these extremes, it is best to consider the opposite option. What if we give him his place?


Are dogs happier indoors?

If you think that your four-legged friend is part of your family, nothing like reinforcing this bond by sharing your life with him. This way you can follow their socialization process more closely, since being part of the home they will observe and interact with others and feel part of the pack.

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Benefits for your health

In addition to better socialization, by living indoors, your furry will also have a better life expectancy. Here are some of the reasons:

  • By spending more time with him you will be able to detect any changes in his behavior that may be related to an illness or disease in time.
  • It will keep your hair clean for longer.
  • By living indoors, the chances of having parasites or other diseases are drastically reduced.
  • The comfort of home will help you avoid those annoying calluses on your elbows, so typical of canines that live outside.
  • You will not suffer in bad weather. And it is that cold, rain and snow can negatively affect your health.

In conclusion: even if we have a large garden or patio at home, the best thing is to let our dog take shelter and share a good part of his life with us. By providing you with a friendly and caring environment, our furry colleague will feel calm and comfortable with humans.

However, don’t forget that despite all these advantages, daily walks are essential. In this way you can release all your energy and feel happy. Now tell us: do you let your four-legged friend be at home? If the answer is no: would you be willing to open the door to your home now that you know all the advantages?