How to eliminate tartar in dogs naturally

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teeth with tartar

If you have got this far it is because you have seen tartar in your dog’s mouth, those small brown spots that form on his teeth and that if not cleaned, will cause infections.

If you want to know how to prevent tartar on your dog’s teeth or how to eliminate it if it has already appeared, take a couple of minutes and we will show you the best tips and practices.

Index of contents

  • 1 What is tartar?
  • 2 How is tartar formed?
  • 3 Can tartar be removed naturally?
  • 4 How to eliminate tartar in dogs quickly?
  • 5 Prevention tips

What is tartar?

According to the well-known Wikipedia tartar is the accumulation of mineralized bacterial plaque on the denture.

We know tartar as that yellowish-brown plaque or spots that form on the teeth of our dogs, starting near the gums and progressing progressively.

teeth with tartar

How is tartar formed?

The lack of dental hygiene causes food residues to accumulate on the teeth, which will be the perfect broth for culture for bacteria that will eventually form tartar.

The main cause of tartar in healthy dogs is food, dog food originates one hundred times more tartar than natural food. Even dog “biscuits” or “treats” are responsible for the development of tartar.

Can tartar be removed naturally?

As long as the condition of our dog’s mouth is good and the tartar has not caused any infection, you can try to eliminate it naturally with a series of good practices:

  • Use meaty bones as the carcass of chicken in your diet. Always raw (without cooking), they will clean our dog’s teeth naturally.
  • Clean our dog’s teeth with a brush and special toothpaste for dogs, after each meal.
  • Using natural teethers bone-based like the “Deer antlers”, which are obtained when deer move their horns naturally.
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All these products will clean tartar from our dog’s teeth in a few weeks, little by little and without the need for veterinary treatments.

Try to avoid the typical “bars” to clean tartar that are so widely advertised, in reality those bars also cause tartar. Same thing with miracle anti tartar pills, don’t waste your money on them.

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dog eats bone

How to eliminate tartar in dogs quickly?

If tartar has already affected our dog’s mouth causing an infection or is simply so widespread that its teeth are barely visible, the best option is to put ourselves in the hands of a veterinaryn.

The vet will sedate our dog to keep him asleep and in the meantime will do a professional cleaning in your mouth, like what dentists do to humans.

When the dog wakes up, his mouth will be clean and free of tartar. So put the tips above into practice and don’t let tartar harm your dog’s health again.

cleaning a dog's teeth

Prevention tips

The only healthy way to prevent tartar in a dog is to either regularly clean its teeth or feed it with natural dog food, colloquially known as the Barf Diet.

Bone snappers like the deer antler and some fleshy bones from time to time will keep your teeth white and clean of bacterial plaque.

Remember that excess tartar can cause significant infections in a dog’s mouth and much, much pain. Don’t let your dog suffer from something so insignificant as tartar.